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Saturday, November 10 

Q: Dear Mr. Vickers.

Also on the Calgary Herald Q.

I've read that you had some trouble with the
City of Calgary recently when you went to officially apply to move Cowboys to the old Office Depot building on 4th and 5th. While I don't agree with how they kinda screwed you over, I'd like you to think of the location where you were going to put your infamous bar: right in the middle of some apartments, condos and hotels. Not exactly the ideal place for your rowdy nightclub.

I have only been to your bar a couple times back in my youth, and to this day I still can't understand why it's so popular. I mean, sure, some of the wait-staff are kinda attractive, and you've got some good tunes there (sometimes) but c'mon. The old building was nasty dirty, expensive, smelly and dangerous.

You feel 'railroaded' eh? How about those residents who live in the immediate vicinity of where you wanted to erect the new Cowboys? Don't you think they would have felt a little railroaded by having you in their backyard? Calling Calgary 'Sleepyville' isn't going to win you any new fans or friends of your establishments in Calgary. In fact, it might make you a couple enemies.

People who have taken up residence in downtown Calgary do so for various reasons. Sure, some may do it to be closer to the vibrant nightlife we have, but others might do it for reasons such as convenience, lack of housing anywhere else, or simply just not wanting to live in the suburbs. For someone to take up residence in downtown Calgary doesn't necessarily mean they want to hear people shouting and screaming at all hours of the night after your bars close. They also don't want to see alcohol induced vomit on their front door steps. I don't think that's unreasonable. But apparently you do.

You might want to consider other areas for your bar... like somewhere not 100 metres from a residential community. How about getting rid of Coyotes and moving Cowboys there? It's closer to the Stampede (which is the time of year you make the most money I believe), there's parking, and not any real neighbourhoods yet.

Cowboys is very well known internationally. During Stampede, Cowboys is the place to go. You must know that it's going to be rowdy no matter where you put it, right? You can't expect people to embrace all your establishments with open arms in their community.

You're not happy with the way things panned out? Get over it, put yourself in the residents shoes and find a more appropriate location for your watering-hole.


Friday, October 26 

Calgary Herald Q: Afraid of bears? Vote Colbert!

According to recent polls, late night talk show host of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, might actually have a chance (and I mean really small chance) of becoming the 44th President of the United States.


Wednesday, October 10 

Megan's gone corporate... and western.

I started my brand new job on Tuesday as Catering Sales and Meetings Coordinator in the Sales and Events Department at the Roundup Centre and holy mother of sweet jezus... I have never been so intimidated / excited / nervous / overwhelmed as I have been in the past 2 days. Working in the event centre totally has changed my perception of what event coordinators actually do. They like... work their butts off.

So the Stampede is tauted as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. How about, a 365-days-of-non-stop-everyday-crazy-events? The amount of events that organization puts on everyday is incredible - and the ladies who organize it? Holy mackerel - they are even more incredible. I'm anxious about the stress factor which is about to be unloaded on me; but at the same time - thrilled to be busy to the point where it's suddenly 5 p.m. and time for me to power down (or power up for a night event).

So anyone who actually thinks that event managers are 'party planners' can shove it. And of course, I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Monday, October 8 

Happy Thanksgiving kids!

Yes, that turkey is as big as it looks.

Wednesday, October 3 

Heard this song?

Freakin thing gave me chills driving home tonite.

Dove is at it again...

This time with ONSLAUGHT. How aptly named...

Monday, October 1 

The audacity of audacity.

It's not every night my parents offer to take me to a movie and dinner - so of course, I couldn't pass down the opportunity.

My parents are hardcore about getting good seats. Hardcore might actually be an understatement... they will spend a full hour waiting in the theatre, in their desired seats, just to ensure they get their $10 worth and are able to see the movie with a great view.

Now, not everyone believes this is the best way to get a good seat. Some people will wait til 4 minutes before the show starts to find a seat, some could care less as to where they sat. But some will make it their mission to inconvenience those who have patiently waited, by asking them to move a seat to their left or their right so they can have a great seat for themselves.

We ran into such a case just as the show started this past weekend.

Only 15 minutes into the movie, a lady came up to the stop of the stairs in the theatre and started walking down our row. Out of no where she yells "Steve!" Everyone in our row looked over at her, some even said "shush". Then she has the audacity to say "could you move a seat to your left and you - over there - could you move to your right? Then I can have 2 seats together." I look at her and think - wow. Incredible. She's asking about 10 people to stand up and move in either direction to make her more comfortable... forget about the fact we've been sitting in those seats for the past hour. When no one moved for her, she started getting rowdy and tapping people on the knee encouraging them to move. As she walked past me, kicking my foot, I say to her "that's really rude". She turns around and says "you're a bitch you know". And now I'm riled up. Wtf? She makes her way past my mom who says "She's not the bitch!" and the kind woman yells "You're a fat bitch". I'm stunned - almost hysterically laughing over the random comments this stranger is throwing our way.

After she sat down, she pulls out her greasy meal purchased from the concession and wasted no time making noise with that. Then, "Steve" joins her who, twice as large as her, sits smack beside my dad and pulls out his large plate of nachos, large popcorn and extra large soda. For the next hour and a half of the movie, "Steve" chews his way through the plethora of food he's purchased.

Now, if it wasn't for the fact that this lady was exceptionally rude and demanding, I might not have as much of an issue moving a seat over for her. But in this case, after the movie had started and was already quite into the story, I was really disgusted with her behaviour.

My advice for those people who ask people to move over in the theatre - think twice. Maybe try skipping the concession and find a seat early. My parents have now officially written off ever going to a theatre again.

Thursday, September 27 

I am surprisingly intrigued with this, only because a knife can do the exact same thing.

I am always amazed at the random, but handy-dandy stuff OXO comes up with.

Wednesday, September 26 

ooOOoooh kinky!

These are super hot.

I thought I'd share my find...

Calgary Herald Q: Young Mayor way candidate out of his depth.

Jeremy Zhao, a 19-year old chemical engineering and political science student at the University of Calgary, has thrown his name into the hat for one of the more notable positions available in Calgary this year.

Not only do I think he is way out of his league, but he has his whole life ahead of him to do things such as run a city of a million. And besides, he looks way too sweet and innocent to duke it out with some pompous big-wigs at oil companies fighting over where they can build their next skyscraper.

Update: ooOOooh - a rebuttal!